Thank you, 1990s.

I was recently reminded that there was yet another band I really didn’t spend much time with in the 90s (but honestly, there were a TON and I was busy trying to master hacky sack. Not really). Today I listened to the Lemonheads album, ‘It’s a Shame About Ray’, and I was surprised on how many of their songs I remembered, and well! The intro of ‘Allison’s Starting to Happen’ sounds similar to the intro of ‘Modern Love’ (though slightly different timing), another fabulous song by one of the most missed, David Bowie. Check it out and then listen to the rest of this album. In other tracks throughout the album, they were bringing in pedal steel (!!!) which I think was gutsy being they were a somewhat heavy alternative band. The whole thing rules! And cheers to 2 minute long songs.

And because I brought it up, Bowie’s intro.