My friend, Tony Cuchetti!

My friend Tony Cuchetti and I recently sat down and started to work out some duets together. It’s been an idea that we’ve had brewing on the stove for several months, if not a year and it was awesome to finally kick it off! We’re in the process of putting together more material and hope to have some things to share in the coming months.

Tony and I met through the songwriters community a few years back and it is always inspiring to hear his original work or a rendition of a country tune from the 60s. Tony is an established songwriter and performer who frequently plays throughout the Twin Cities and the surrounding area. Read more about Tony Cuchetti HERE.


Volume Discount!

I recently met up with a songwriter friend of mine, David Booth. His band Volume Discount has been in need of harmonies and he knew just the person to call. I have been enjoying learning their original songs which are so intricately spoken, written and put together so beautifully with melody. I am really excited to be a part of their project and to share with you this coming November. More details to come.

Recordings Session

I am ultimate at procrastinating… I went into the studio to record on last summer’s July 7th and have yet to complete things. But, I hope to finish things up in the next few months and possibly release this bad boy in time for the next July 7th.

I had the great pleasure to have Blair Krivanek on electric guitar, Nick Salisbury on bass and Greg Schutte slamming drums and twisting dials at Bathtub Shrine Recording Studio.

Stay tuned!


My friend Graham Bramblett and I wrote a song and it is featured on his latest album, Standard Harmony! Graham is a wonderfully seasoned songwriter who throws a magnificent amount of thought and love into each story. I am grateful for being a part of the process with him and am very proud of the story we have created together.