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Averil Bach is a singer-songwriter from Minneapolis. Raised in a musical household, mostly focusing on violin and piano from an early age, she was surrounded by mostly classical and jazz. With her mother teaching piano and father, trumpet, Averil heard several students each day coming in and out of the house for their lesson. Though she was consistent with her classical training, she gravitated heavily to the music from the 50s and 60s and her natural drive and ability to sing and harmonize was further ignited by songs from the British Beat and Invasion eras.

When Averil moved to Sonoma County, California for college, she was further exposed to her love of the arts and continued to find various ideas and approaches to fulfilling her artistic passion. Throughout her twelve years out west, she was a part of local bands and small projects but was mostly comfortable complimenting others’ ideas and staying out of the spotlight. It was her living room walls that received the most attention as she learned the guitar’s basic chords and started songwriting.

In 2011, Averil left California, returned to South Minneapolis and started studying voice with the late and internationally known artist, Audrey Stottler (Metropolitan Opera). Audrey had a unique understanding and ability to teach students aspiring to many different styles while providing classical structure and an elite game plan full of confidence. Averil continued to teach herself guitar as a way to accompany herself and finally, in 2014, she gave in to the spotlight and started sharing her music on stage.

Averil now creates original compositions which are greatly influenced by a mix of jazz, blues, country and rock & roll while also creating her own renditions of standards. Whether performing solo with her electric guitar or accompanied by a full band including local musicians, Averil's deep connection with the audience gives away her study and experience throughout her artistic life.